Rabbits for Sale

  Currently no rabbits for sale, we have English Lop babies, expecting more babies soon!!!​  

​  Currently no pigs for sale, babies should arrive 
in late August!!!  Ms. Piggie our spotted pot belly is bred to Hamlett, a spotted juliana mix.

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Pepper - Our very first delivery with the thanks of Gary and Lou Anne, Pumpkin (dwarf/pygmy) and Galaxy (nubian) are her parents.  She has baby blue eyes just like her momma.
April - she came out second, head first, this is Pepper's sister and a sweetheart.
Here's Pumpkin snuggled up with her two new girls, Pepper and April.
Then came Super Moon, actually he was after his brother, Eclipse.  Diamond is their momma and Galaxy again is the daddy.  Should have got him fixed a bit sooner :)
Eclipse, shortly after birth, he was our third baby born.  My sister and brother-in-law got to assist on their births.  I let my sister name them since they were so much help.
Diamond with her boys, Eclipse and Super Moon.  It took a few milkings as her udder must have been sore, but she's a good momma to them.
Yep that's little Pepper riding on her momma.  Stinkers I tell you.  These momma goats put up with alot.
Pepper and April playing king of the hill.
And along came Hercules, his name fits him well.  He was the one and only and is a big boy.  His momma is Crybaby and once again the daddy is Galaxy.
And along came Feather, Tod fell in love with him at my friend Ginia's house as he was spoiled by Ginia since he was found almost dead.  She brought him back to health and kept him inside with her dogs.  Tod has since made him even more spoiled.  He sleeps in bed with Tod and still gets a bottle.
His daddy loves him so much!  He's going to be very rotten.
Ms. Bonnie, came from my friend Jane, had two little cuties Coco and Rascal.  They love their momma.  Bonnie is an Alpine.  Their daddy was a big nubian buck.
Bonnie was such a good momma.  This was her second time kidding.  We didn't even know she had them.  It was a surprise as we were helping Mella with her birth.
Coco and Rascal hanging out.
Mella's birth was a surprise too, she also came from Jane and I wasn't sure when they were ready to go.  She had triplets, but unfortunately we weren't there to help on the first one and we lost her.  She looked just like her momma.  But we got Betty and Wilma.  Such sweet girls.
Mella was a good momma, but had udder problems also.  She had to be milked several times and took a long time before the girls could even suck on one of her teats.
Betty and Wilma cuddled up together.
Isabelle, also from Jane, our biggest surprise of all.  I wasn't even sure she was pregnant.  She popped out 2 boys at midnight, the night I was leaving at 5:30 am for a 14 hr trip.  She barely had an udder and no milk.
Batman and Robin, Isabelle's boys.  I had to contact Jane and Ann for help with them since Tod was working and I was taking a long drive that day they were born.  They still take a bottle a day as Isabelle doesn't have a big udder.  Little screamers they are, love their bottle.
Batman and Robin begging for a bottle.
Hercules with Crybaby and Pumpkin getting bigger every day!
Betty snacking on some hay.
Coco and Rascal eating hay with Bonnie.
Pepper and April doing there best to get our attention.
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